From Bank to Medical Facilities, no job is too big or too small, D&G has built them all!


D&G General Contracting Company has hundreds of projects in all types of industries.

We specialize in these main areas:

  • Healthcare Facilities, Doctor Offices, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Gyms.
  • Entertainment Establishments, Restaurants, and Clubs.
  • Property Management Renovations, Repairs, and Maintenance.
  • Bank Buildings and High Security Facilities.

While every project is different, we understand the nuances of all industries and what each expects – and needs – from its customers.

In financial projects, the team has to focus on security, yet make the project appealing to the customer with an interesting design.

In healthcare projects, the team has to ensure the safety of patients in existing facilities and the functionality of the doctor's offices and examination rooms.

In restaurants, retail and entertainment projects, the team has to focus on the customer experience, ensuring every customer who walks through the doors has a memorable experience.

In property management projects, the team must make sure every issue and job is taken care of quickly and seamlessly to please the tenants.

From AHCA related healthcare projects to full service restaurants to high-security based financial institutions, D&G General Contracting Co. provides quality customer service to help its clients’ projects become a reality.


What would you like us to build for you?

Health Care

From medical offices to AHCA-certified hospitals, D&G has done it all

Finding a contractor that understands the issues tied to healthcare facilities is not easy.

D&G works with its clients to pass any government regulations, including AHCA, and helps create spaces which serve the medical needs of its clients’ patients.

For instance, one of our top clients is Devereux Florida. This psychiatric facility utilizes D&G General Contracting Co. to renovate its hospitals on a regular basis. In each case, we understand you can't leave tools unsupervised and all work areas must be separated from the patients.

We’re also diverse in the types of healthcare we’ve worked with, ranging from psychiatric facilities to surgical centers and from hospitals to single practicing physicians.

Our healthcare clients include:

  • Orlando Health
  • Devereux Florida
  • Florida Hospital
  • Winter Garden Family Healthcare
  • Fitness Together
  • Riteway Services, Inc.

Restaurants, Retail and Entertainment

D&G creates classic designs and buildings to attract customers

From big box stores to mixed used facilities to small specialty restaurants, D&G General Contracting has the experience to quickly work to design and build any facility aimed at attracting customers in a environment which attracts new customers.

Here are a few of our customers:

  • Portofino Bay
  • Disney Vista
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Debary Gold & Country Club
  • Wet N Wild
  • Jimmy Johns Subs
  • Incharge Institute
  • American Airlines
  • Cintas Corporation
  • U-Haul International
  • Climatized Self Storage
  • Walgreens
  • Money Management International
  • Wireless Toyz
  • Viox Services, Inc.
  • Transit Television Network, LLC
  • Publix
  • Hudson News
  • T.C. Specialties
  • Waterford Park at Waterford Lakes

Financial Services

D&G create safe, secure, eye-appealing facilities for banking interests

With over 20 financial clients and hundreds of projects, D&G knows what it takes to build any type of facility that is not only secure, but aimed toward pleasing the client’s customers.

Our customer list includes:

  • Old Florida National Bank
  • McCoy Federal Credit Union
  • Trustco Bank
  • Bank First
  • Federal Trust
  • Fairwinds Credit Union
  • Central Florida Health Care Federal Credit Union
  • Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
  • Orlando Federal Credit Union
  • Martin Federal Credit Union
  • McCoy Federal Credit Union
  • Multi Media Federal Credit Union
  • RG Crown Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Vista Federal Credit Union
  • Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union
  • Central Florida Postal Federal Credit Union
  • Financial Advocates
  • First National Bank

Property Management

D&G exceeds expectations to maintain your facilities

D&G General Contracting Company prides itself in accepting any project, no matter how small. When it comes to property management, our company understands that sometimes it the project may be a large renovation or simply performing a minor repair.

We work with our property management clients to complete projects quickly, when they need them done.

Here are a few of our property management clients:

  • Re/Max Gold Partners
  • Quest Company
  • Xentury City Development Co.
  • Sentry Management, Inc.
  • Musa Properties

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