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"we make construction easy"

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Making your business look brand new

D & G General Contracting Co. was founded primarily as a company focused on interior renovations. For years, the owners of D & G  focused on taking interior and exterior spaces that were out-of-date or in disrepair and making them beautiful.

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Since 1998, our company has performed hundreds of renovations on all sorts of spaces. The projects have ranged from minor adjustments to major fixes to large spaces. No job is too small for D & G.


As with any construction project, a successful renovation starts at the beginning of design. It's essential that we know every nook and cranny of a building before we start working on architectural drawings. That way, we will limit the number of surprises in older buildings that can throw off a construction project.


In addition, a renovation project is a perfect way to showcase our customer service. A renovation can be dirty, noisy and disruptive to those who have to work and use a facility that is being renovated.


D & G General Contracting Co. works diligently to understand the needs and unique aspects of any customer's business.


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"I have been in self-practice in Central Florida for over 25 years and have never recommended any other contractor."

- Robert Hambrick

After understanding the business, D & G General Contracting Co. works hard to find a time when the client and/or their customers won't even know we're there - except when they see the finished product!


Nowhere is this more important than with healthcare projects that are regulated by the Agency for Healthcare Administration - AHCA. D & G General Contracting Co. has performed multiple projects regulated by AHCA and, in each case, our company has exceeded any inspection's minimum requirements.


By choosing D & G General Contracting Co. for your renovation project, you'll choose an expert who will ensure your project is a success.