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"we make construction easy"

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Create a wonderful new space

Signing a lease on a new space? D & G General Contracting Co. has the experience and tools you need to ensure you're occupying your new space as quickly as possible so your business can begin operating and producing revenue.

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Because D & G General Contracting Co. has a lengthy resume of tenant build-out projects, we understand the relationship between the building management and our client. We act as a representative for our client to ensure their needs are met, whatever their needs may be.


While it's not an industry standard, we believe it is critical for you to hire D & G General Contracting Co. when you are looking at signing a lease. As part of our package, we'll inspect any space and look at all lease requirements to ensure the demands of your business will be taken care of after we're finished with our project.


For instance, many leases and buildings have limited electrical space that may not be sufficient for your business. Or, we've seen situations where plumbing or the slab might need to be completely demolished and rebuilt to accommodate your specific needs. While none of these issues are insurmountable, they will increase cost and time.


"You all did a great job with the build out of our studio. I found you all responsive to our needs and very customer service focused. I highly recommend your service to anyone needing construction work."

- Mark Lloyd Owner

We believe it is important that you know what the issues are before you sign a lease.


During construction, we keep at the top of our minds that you need to be open as quickly as possible to begin recouping revenue. We maintain our schedule and make sure we find solutions for any issues before than affect your project.


At the end of the project, we'll deliver a new facility that maximizes the space for functionality that welcomes its customers and invites them to frequent the business.